Sunday, 4 December 2016

First week of marathon training complete

I will leave Katie to post her own more detailed updates if she wants to, however I can say that today we both successfully finished our first week of marathon training. It came with its ups and downs but overall was a great week. 

After Wednesdays run I did a 7 miles run on Thursday and then 10 miles on Saturday (including parkrun) and 14 miles today. In total this week I ran around 26 miles with the buggy and 26 miles without the buggy, Amelia was mostly good but happy that we have planned to do most of our long runs with Mia only having to come out for 6 miles. 

parkrun was a bit annoying this week, I was on for around 20 minutes with the buggy, hopefully my first sub 20 as it was our first outing back on the winter course. In all honesty I think it was slightly too warm for me to get a sub 20 but it would have been close had I not got a puncture. I think I must have picked up the puncture by or at halfway because by the time I got back to a turn the buggy just didn't turn due to the puncture. All things considered 20:38 given the puncture is a very good run and I am sure I should be getting under 20 minutes with the buggy soon, or at least a buggy PB. 

All I will say about Katie is that she smashed it out of the park and ran a cracking new PB. 

Today was the 14 mile long run, which should not have been too hard and it wasn't despite the 10 miles yesterday and doing the first 11 with the buggy I also had company for the majority of the run, this both meant the time went faster but also that I was running slower. 

So in total 52 miles for the week and although my plan may not have been strictly adhered to my plan is just that a plan, things don't go to plan life and family get in the way. Really not sure what I am doing this Wednesday as I normally do 6 miles in my lunch break but I am coming home for a show that Mia is doing, then Katie has an interview (fingers crossed) and then we have our running AGM and then we can go for a run but I would rather not go a 10 miles mid-week run my myself. Katie works Tuesday nights so I can't go out early so bit worried that I might drop some miles there but if I do I do that is all part of running, getting a good balance. 

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