Sunday 8 January 2017

Week 6 Marathon Training

Another week of marathon training is done and dusted. Was a hard week, at least the runs that I did by myself were hard and I was starting to feel the previous weeks miles in my weeks so who knows what next week will feel like!!! After next week I do have 2 slightly easier weeks.

Monday: 3.5 miles and 7.6 miles

Wednesday: 5 miles and 7 miles

Thursday: 5.3 miles

Saturday 8 miles including race #2 parkrun pacer day

Sunday 20 miles

On the Saturday we did parkrun pacer day. We both love parkrun and we were both pacers, this is a great way to help others. I know for a fact that I helped another Polegate Plodder to a massive
PB as well as a few others and Katie felt the same. I was looking at my parkrun stats and wondering if I can get to my 100th parkrun and 25th volunteer to be at the same time.

At the time of writing I haven't actually completed the 20 mile long run but I am in a good place. Only issue is that we will be running the long run at a different time of day to normal, I think mentally this is more likely to have an impact that physically. But hopefully as I will be running most of it with Katie it will go ok, sure I am about to write about it below.

The long run was just that long and very slow. Both Katie and I achieved our goals but I could feel my left achilles just one of those things with the miles.

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