Thursday, 15 December 2016

Week 3 Marathon Training - Sick and wrong kind of fit

This week got off to a great start on Monday when I got in my usual easy lunchtime run and plodders session in the evening. I felt great considering the 16 miles I put in on Sunday and the 10 miles I had on Saturday. On Saturday around midday I started to visit the boys room more than I would like and then I took a phone call and started to sweat, and sweat. I put my head between my legs and the sweat was dripping into my bin. My manager got one of the other first aid trained staff (I am one) and I was escorted to the quiet room where I was promptly sick.

I was then sent home from work in a taxi with a bin to throw up into which came in useful several times on the way home. Once home I just keep on losing fluid and feeling worse and worse until the point that I was unstable getting up, which when you need the loo a lot is not much fin. 

Then at around 8:45 I got my wife to help my stand up after another trip to the loo and had a fit in her arms. I can't remember anything about it but from what my wife told me it was very scary, my pupils dilated and my hands locked in place and I started to shake. My head then lolled back and I tweaked my neck or at least that is what it has felt like the last couple of days. My wife called the ambulance service at this time as I was completely unresponsive to her questions and was just staring into space, I came round several minutes into her phone call and don't remember anything after I call her until I came round. 

When I came round I felt awful my head was spinning and I could see my worried wife in front of me and heard her on the phone to the 999 service. We manage to get a message to my parent who live nearby to come over in case I needed to go to hospital. The paramedic arrived and started to do some tests on me, took my blood pressure, sugar levels, pulse and a portable ECG thing was used. We basically think that I was severely dehydrated so my blood pressure dropped so when I stood up my brain went ahhh I have no blood so caused by to feint to get my head as long as possible, not sure why I also had a fit and this is something I would like to discuss with my GP at some point. 

The rest of the night was spent tossing and turning on the sofa as I we didn't feel safe going upstairs in case my blood pressure dropped again. I didn't really get much sleep that night but in the morning I started taking in some fluid, most of it was going straight through me but at least I wasn't being sick anymore and I kept some food down, then had a good nights sleep and then on Thursday (today) I have kept more good and drink down and I am starting to feel hydrated and much better. Just at the point where my head and neck still hurt a little. I am still hoping there is an outside chance that I might be get for parkrun on Saturday and a gentle run on Sunday. Next week is Christmas and was always down as an easy week but will probably make it even easier and then get back into things properly afterwards. 

Annoyingly Katie has also caught the condition, luckily she "just" has the sickness and tiredness. Hopefully she will clear up quickly as well and hers has been drama free compared to mine! 

So there you go, we all have things that come up and things to over-come, hopefully this being early on in the training and us having starting training early gives us plenty of time to get past it. It is annoying as training was going so well that I was expecting on Christmas eve to set a new buggy PB, it could still happen. For now I am just looking to tomorrow and seeing if I can go to my work Christmas party. 

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