Saturday 10 December 2016

Week 2 Marathon training, just the long one left

Week 2 of marathon training has been going well, had a little niggle on my left quad but moving a session to the grass seemed to help, need to remember that I am doing lots of miles for me so I should try and get a few more in on the grass. 

Firstly I was contact by the BBC and there is a chance that I may be doing a follow up interview and hopefully getting some publicity for this challenge and helping to raise awareness for Ledderhose disease, fingers crossed this comes to something and I will be contacting some more media outlets to see if we can't really kick start this. 

Monday: (4.5 miles and 7 miles)
Lunch-time run was ok, slow out and back in my lunch break and then the usual plodders session in the evening. I could really feel the 24 miles I had done over the weekend but I did it.

Tuesday rest day

Wednesday: 5.1 and 5.0 miles 
Slightly different sessions to normal as I had the afternoon of work, both sessions were ok and the second session was done either side of the Plodders AGM where I was made assistant coach. I don't have any official coaching qualifications for running but I am a badminton coach, have a science degree and have read a lot about running. Plus my plans seem to have done a great job for my wife and I 

Thursday: 7 miles
This session was the one done on the grass, it made may leg feel much better and was just done round the park next to work. It was repetitive but this is good mental training for running anyway. Had an offer from some people I work with to run with them some lunchtimes, I might be too slow for them given my marathon training as otherwise we run a similar pace. 

Friday rest day - Originally I was going to run on Fridays and I might end up doing that now I am back running on grass, still can't believe I forgot that. I have found the extra recovery really useful. Will see how things go as the Friday run was only 3 miles easy recovery run. 

Saturday: 10 miles
This was 4 miles to parkrun, 3.1 miles at parkrun and then 2.9 miles home. The parkrun was with the buggy and I did 20:30, I wasn't pushing flat out and this showed with the massive sprint finish I did that saw hold off 4 people not running with a buggy. 

Sunday to come - I have a 16 miles long run, juggling this with Katie running 12 miles will be fun but at least Katie has someone joining her for her 6 miles (whilst I cook breakfast) and then we run 6 miles together and then the tough 10 miles by myself. 

Still I am on for another 50 + mile week, have remembered that running on grass is a clever thing to do when I can (though not on long runs as I am training to run a road marathon) and running with others is great fun and should be done. 

The good news is that the above mileage is more than I need for the 2191 but of course I have races, the 5k goal and not idea whether I can maintain it!!

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