The Challenge

This is a personal goal to run 2,191 miles in a year. The current plan is to do this during the 2017 calendar year, or at least finish the challenge during that year.

Why 2,191? It's a long story which I'm sure I'll get into on the blog posts and with the story my wife is writing but basically I had a tumour in my foot and by the end of next year it will be 6 years since I was treated. Including the one leap day that makes 2,191 days (my treatment was before the leap day in 2012).

My other goals include running my first marathon. Running a sub 18:31 5k (at time of writing my PB is 19:14) as 1831 was the year that Dupuytren's first started to write about the condition Dupuytren's and we shall be raising funds for the British Dupuytren's Society. See the many banners etc on how you can donate.

My wife is supporting me on this and is aiming to complete 1000 miles herself, run the marathon and we are both going to complete 60 races. Admittedly most of these will be parkrun. We are hoping to do a little but of parkrun tourism after the marathon and see a bit more of this community.

Why 60? It is one race for every Gy of radiation that I was treated with for this condition, radiotherapy it what made me able to run rather than walk in pain with a stick. 

Gary's Goals: 
2191 Miles or more (6 years since radiothereapy treatment)
Run a marathon (Personal childhood dream)
Sub 18:31 5k (year Dupuytren's first discussed the condition)
60 Races (dose in Gy used to treat my foot)

Katie's Goals:
1000 miles (distance between home and Guildford where Gary was treat roughly 50 miles x 20 trips)
Run a marathon (Was going to run one for Gary in 2013 to fulfil his dream but couldn't due to pregnancy)
Sub 50 10k. 
60 races 

More Details:

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