Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Week 1 Marathon Training - so far...

So marathon training kicked in this week.

Monday - Double day (3 miles and 7.5 miles) 
The first run was without my watch as I left it at home, I looked at a clock before and after and ran much quicker than I should have. 
The second run was tough and I felt my ITB a bit, this was with the club and was at an easy pace. 

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: - Double day (6 miles and 4 miles) 
First run was very gentle along the sea front, let people overtake me that were clearly much slower that me, marathon training is about doing the runs and not running fast, certainly worked well for me up until now. 
The second run was a gentle run with my wife and daughter, Amelia fell asleep but was a nice catch up with my wife, the runs are as much about socialising with each other and others as they are anything else (other than running). 

Not as thrilling as I was hoping for but it is a start and I am tired! Amelia has not been sleeping great. Sleep and recovery are so important to running, there is a great podcast called Marathon Talk and I think it was the interview with Kirk Fernley (sp??) that was on the importance of sleep. Recover is after all what makes us faster and not enough of it and we break.

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