Wednesday 1 March 2017

An update after first real race

Thought that it was about time that I added another update on our progress so far. Things have been tough and we have been busy, during the last few weeks I have had a lot going on so I have not had time to add the updates on here that I wanted, however due to the Strava runs being tracked on the left-hand side and the Endomondo progress and the Google Graphs on the tack our progress page it is easy to see how we are doing without me having to post an update.

We had our first proper race of the year at the Brighton Half Marathon, for me I just wasn’t feeling it but Katie smashed another 5 minutes off of her PB and is now close to getting sub 1:50 which will be an amazing achievement and who knows maybe sub 4 hours is possible for the marathon? For me I was 4 minutes off of my PB but I knew early on it wasn’t going to happen so ran the majority of it at marathon pace. However after the run things got better, on Monday I got a message to my charity e-mail account saying that they had seen people in the vests, they have Ledderhose and didn’t even know the charity existed. Now they know the charity exists and they would like a running vest so they can help raise awareness. This is exactly what we were hoping to achieve with the running and the vests and no matter what happens this year we know we have been raising awareness.

In terms of progress against our goals, I don’t think Katie is going to struggle with any of hers whilst I think I will be cutting it fine with all apart from the races one (unless I get injured). I am just above the mileage target at the moment however the taper for the Brighton Half means that the 2 lines are much closer together than I would like and with the Silverstone Half and then the taper for the marathon itself coming up and recovery afterwards I could easily fall behind target. What the Brighton Half showed me however is that the mileage target is the biggest goal for me this year and if I sacrifice a good time in some of the races then so be it. This has a knock on impact on my other goals though, getting in the training and recovery to break the time goal for 5k seems impossible as I haven’t set a PB since last April and haven’t been getting close either!

Anyway overall on the main goal for the year Katie is miles (literally) in front and I am just about in front, as long as I can stay injury free I should make it.

The other thing I am looking into at the moment is a little bit of nutrition for me, I won’t go into the details of the various different energy systems but we are sure that we are best off being low-carb however it may be that during racing I am running fast enough to burn what little carb supplies I do have (when running a half marathon) so I am looking into what I can do about this. I have found a couple of good options and will be staying a long way clear of the super sweet gels.

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