Sunday 27 November 2016

The time is almost here

This week we are at the end of a 2 week period of more relaxed running after the Poppy Half Marathon. The Poppy Half went great for both of us and was a great way to set us up ready for next year. It also popped up that it was 2 years since I was on BBC news to promote awareness of the conditions. 

Feel free to watch the video and comment so that BBC know that this is still a big deal. I will certainly be getting in contact with them again to try and get another appearance on the news, would be great to have a follow up and go into details of the challenge we are doing next year. 

The challenge starts in just over a month, we have started to arrange people to look after our daughter for some of our longer runs so we aren't out all day and we are really starting to mentally prepare ourselves for the challenge. As part of this we went to a running shop to see how we were holding up. It turns out that my running style has changed a lot since I was first analysed for running shoes, apparently I now have a fantastic running style. I land on my mid-foot and I do not over-pronate any more. Hopefully these can help keep me injury free. 

We will try and keep updating the blog a lot more, hopefully next year it will almost be a diary and generate some more interest in the awareness and fund-raising campaign we are working on. As for now, next week marathon training begins, should be the perfect time to start trying to keep the blog up to date so hopefully there will be more updates coming quick and often. 

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