Tuesday 30 August 2016

Getting back into the swing of things

In preparation for next year I was taking a look at the following page on the blog;

Looks scary when I am only on 1100 miles for the year, only two third's of the way through the year though so hopefully in the next few months with my ankle on the mend I can get another good 500-600 miles in and start the push for next year. 

I have made a general plan for next year just to make sure I can get all the miles in, as part of marathon training I am currently due to start the new year and therefore the challenge with a 20 mile run, which as it is New Year's day should also include parkrun as the first "race" of the year. 

It will be interesting to see how well things go and what injuries come up, a flawless year would be incredible but I do have some wiggle room and some easy short miles I can drop in to top up if I have to but whatever happens it is going to be hard-work, especially during the summer and especially learning not to race all the race otherwise I will break quickly. 

Anyway now for something very important to a runner, sleep, well as long as my daughter lets me as she seems slightly under the weather this evening and has (very unusually for her) cried out a few times. 

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