Sunday 14 August 2016


One of the potential issues for next year is injury. We have both been lucky to not really have had any injuries over the last 18 months that we have been running until now. a few weeks ago my old achilles problem meant I felt slightly sore and Amelia jumped on me and things started to go downhill. I did some very easy weeks however on the last of those easy weeks after a tough parkrun my achilles again took a hit from Amelia and became really stiff and painful.  

As a result of the above I took a week off running and spent it icing, compressing, testing and looking after my ankle. I walked as little as I could and then decided to go to parkrun and run with Katie as that is a much easier pace for me. There were a few aches as I went round but nothing bad and even better the rest of the weekend I continued to improve. Another couple of easier weeks to get back into it and I doubt I will bomb round too hard at parkrun. The delay in my training does mean I am not likely to be anywhere near peak fitness for the Disney Half marathon or the Brighton 10 mile race but my goal was always the Poppy Half marathon and hopefully I will be ok for that, or somewhere near PB shape. 

Next year however things will be slightly different, I need to average somewhere near 42 miles a week, take out a week for recovery after the marathon which will likely include minimal running and you are talking about another mile a week. every week I don't run adds another mile to the remaining week or more depending on how things are going. My plan is that marathon training at the start of the year will get me above that average and being down the requirement for the rest of the year. 

Injuries will come and that is what will make the 2191 miles such a challenge other than actually running the 2191 miles. I will do my best go get some walking in to replace running if I can when injured but health comes first so I will try and get as close to 2191 miles as possible. If I can't make 2191 then 2000 would still be amazing but I really want that 2191. 

Fingers crossed for now that my achilles is improving quickly and it has reminded me to stay on strength exercises and not to do too much speed work, the best foundation for running is lots of base miles and this has worked for me so far and speed can wait until I am back to 100%. 

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