Saturday, 30 July 2016

Planning and plotting

With August fast approaching I am having to really get into planning mode for this challenge now. Sure it may seem simple, just have to run and run and run and run. But there is more to it that than that. I need to think how I am going to stay injury free, how I am going to fit in the odd easy week and most importantly how I can raise awareness for Dupuytren's and Ledderhose patients as that is what the whole process is about. 

The Pitch:
It would be great to get some publicity and a story published around this, surely man goes from tumour in foot and using a walking stick and weighing 19 stone to running a marathon, 2191 miles in a year is worth something to someone? Especially as I am aiming for a respectable time in the marathon and a decent PB over 5k. 

The Plan:
Well of course the plan is to run lots, probably there will likely be a lot of double days in order to keep the runs slightly shorter and injury risk down whilst keeping the miles high. In terms of other prep I am also very close to the finished design and ordering my running vests to support this. It will be great to have these as just wearing them to parkrun every week is another 200 people that are going to see the BDS logo and at least have heard of the conditions. 

The Social Side:
parkrun and joining a local running club have really helped me see just how amazing running with others is. I already knew it from running with Katie and Amelia but there is something about sharing new stories and pain whilst running with others that makes it different. I am going to look to run with as many different people as possible next year 1) to make my life easier and 2) to tell people about the challenge and the conditions and hopefully raise awareness. The less people have to suffer from this without anyone knowing anything about it the better. 

Other things:
The challenge is not just about me it is also about Katie, she has a whole amazing journey of her own and she is challenging herself as well to help raise money and awareness. Which is awesome. 

A challenge should be a challenge, this year I am nowhere near 2000 miles so I do not know how I am going to cope with trying to run 2191 miles, keeping injury free and mentally running so much. I have done a fair few weeks where I have done more than the required weekly miles for 2191 but not to average that for a year. You see so many people doing a challenge that they can easily do that it doesn't inspire you. I am hoping that my journey and the challenge of the challenge will help other patients and inspire some interest in the condition. 

Take care, Gary

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